4 Tips for Healthy And Safe in the Internet

This safe internet Tips is very necessary for older brothers and sisters for everyday life. Weits, but maybe also older brothers who have not yet implemented the way safe Internet. Wherever the brothers are, it is very important for my brothers and sisters to implement a safe internet way. Good Internet on computers, laptops, Hp, (red = Blackberry), Tablet PC, and so forth. Well, this time I will explain about safe Internet Tips for older brothers and sisters. Oya, sorry if I just made an article. This is my will be attracted to my new hobby. Okay, please read our safe internet Tips version:

Safe Internet Tips:

  • See circumstances

First of all, you should see the state of your being thoroughly and full of caution Why? Because who knows there are people around you who are eyeing something yours. Whether it's hp, wallet, money, sweets, even your hp number though. But, really. Because of the more danger, can-can the password of your Paypal account or Bank account can be embraced by others. So, be careful yak!

  • Make sure your device is secure

Secondly, you need to make sure that the device you're using is safe. Enath it is safe from intrusion (e.g. viruses, Keylogger (see the sense of Keylogger Software), broken wires, etc.) and outside interference (e.g. bad weather, Thieves, power outages, the jail person, and others ^ ^). Although these disorders sound underestimated, it is very fatal if it happens to you. You can imagine not, if the account of online games that most GODS belong to you it's hacked people? Stress Stage 4 can attack you or maybe when you again download a large file such as an image file such as a Linux operating system that is about 600MB-in size, suddenly the power goes out!So make sure the device you're using is safe. 

  • Use protective Software

Thirdly, you should use protective software such as Anti-Virus, anti-keylogger, Firewall, etc. to keep your device safe. Who knows, there are viruses that nesting the devices you use to online make slow your browsing activities. Who knows there are also nesting trojans and stealing your important data. And who knows also, the device that you use is embedded Keylogger software that can record your typing activities. Then who knows there are people who want to scan your open ports for attack. Who knows? The

  • Clear your Tracks

Fourth, you have to delete the traces that you have passed when you want to finish the activity. Such as History and Cookies traces on your Web browser. Because this can cause the browser to be less primed to work, and more danger if anyone else knows the sites you have visited then get your important account password. Also make sure that you actually logout or exit and close the Web application you visited, such as your Facebook account. You should really close your account correctly. Since it could be when you close a Web browser directly, your Facebook account is still open.

Okay, so many articles from me about safe internet Tips my version. If the older brothers and sisters have more knowledge, can share here. Please critique his and his error brother about my safe internet Tips.

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