4 Tips to Strengthen MODEM Signal

Tips to strengthen Modem signal? Can indeed strengthen the Modem signal? Very can.. But how? Relax, this time I will discuss the article on strengthening the MODEM signal Tips that I get from various sources. The modem used here, is a USB modem or modem that is like a flashdisk. Be it a 3G modem, 3.5 G, HSDPA, anyway all USB modems can be strengthened for its signal. Okay, without further ado congratulations read my article on the Modem signal strengthening Tips:

Here are some steps to strengthen MODEM signals:

Using the open-Area Modem

This is a powerful enough to strengthen the Modem signal used on laptops. Because Modem signals can be obstructed by various media/barriers. Like walls, buildings, between rooms, etc. As with sound, this Modem signal is a wave that can be obstructed by the media/barrier (remember the physics lesson? ^^).

Using a Modem near BTS/Operator Tower

This way is no doubt. To get the maximum Modem signal, you can use the modem near your card operator. Because the modem faster catch the signal from the BTS/Tower card operator. So, data transfer is also relatively faster.

Using the USB cable Extender

USB cable Extender can be used to amplify Modem signal. The trick is to attach a USB Extender to the USB port of the modem and USB port of your Laptop/PC. Then, put the modem in a high place. But remember, the longer the USB Extender cable that you use, then the longer/long also the time used to transfer the data (remember the physics lesson? ^^). USB Extender Cable Type is also worth noting. Whether using USB 3.0 or 2.0. Because USB 3.0 faster transfer data than USB 2.0.

Using External antenna

This is the most powerful way to amplify the Modem signal. The deacon uses an antenna that corresponds to the Modem. Because the antenna has coverage to capture a wider signal. Antenna here is a modem special antenna that has been provided by the modem manufacturer. Can also use artificial antennas such as Wajan bolic, antenna cans, and others.

Oya, should be remembered anyway. This way is a way to ̈Strengthened Modem signal ̈, not to ̈Accelerate its connection ̈. Because the connection speed depends on your card provider. Assume that you are using a 384 Kbps package (kilobytes per second). You can not upgrade to 1 Mbps

(Megabytes per second). Thus, strengthening the MODEM signal is intended for the connection to not increase down/speed stable.

Okay, many of my articles this time. If there is any of it, please be forgiven and dirware.

Understandably, I'm also still learning


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